Private Events & Creative Projects

Weddings and gatherings

Weddings & Celebrations

Private celebrations such as weddings, memorial services, and receptions may be held at the Summit Center.

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Recording at the Summit Center

Recording, Rehearsing, and Creating

With its extraordinary acoustics, the Summit Center is a highly desirable location for recording projects and rehearsing other art forms.

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The Summit Center

An Exceptional & Unique Cultural Center in Saint Paul

“I believe the performance space has the potential to be broadly significant well beyond the Twin Cities, and even nationally of-interest. As a performance curator, I find quality mid-sized venues nearly impossible to come by, and the Summit Center under your management is bound to be a wonderful exception.”
– Kate Nordstrum, Liquid Music at the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
“It's wonderful when a beautiful old, historic building gets a new purpose. A performance space in the 300-450 size will provide a wonderful venue for all sorts of music events…We applaud this effort, support it wholeheartedly and wish it every success.”
– Chan Poling and John Munson of The New Standards
“Our institutions and venues teach us about the possibilities that we may not see. Spaces transform conscience. This location has a great deal of potential to make this community an even more interesting place to live.”
– Toki Wright, Assistant Chair, Professional Music Dept. Berklee College of Music; Vice President, Soul Tools Entertainment
“The lovely acoustics, the wonderful size, the flexibility and the location on Summit Avenue make this a marvelous addition to the other concert venues that St. Paul offers. This space is unique and will fill a void in our community that many organizations will want to use.”
– Phillip Brunelle, Vocal Essence